Casting Tips

Our 12 page Instruction Guide provides everything you need to create a beautiful hand cast in under 60 minutes. Please see the pro tips below if you need some extra guidance. 



Mixing the Alginate
1. It is essential that when you mix the alginate, you use an electric mixer; use the fastest setting on your electric mixer as well.

2. When mixing the alginate, you only have 60 seconds to mix until the liquid begins to solidify, so if you have a helper who is able to assist in pouring in your bags whilst you mix, this can really help. 

3. Make sure you mix until the white powder has been mixed in, but do pay attention to the color change. If the alginate is getting lighter, you don’t have long to go. 

4. Try using a stopwatch or timer, as the 60 seconds can go very quickly, so preparation is key.

5. To make the most of the short setting time, using cold water will allow yourself as much time as possible to get your hands in. The instructions indicate 70 degrees, but if you don't mind staying still for a bit longer, we would suggest 68-69 degrees. 


6. It’s best to practice your position together first, so you are all able to put your hands in as soon as the mix is ready.


Mixing and Pouring the Stone
1. Mix the water and powder together by swirling round in circles with your hands for up to 5 minutes.

2. Check it is smooth by rubbing it between your fingers – there should be no lumps.

3. Pour it in a bit at a time, rolling the container around to make it coat the inside of the mold.



4. After each pour, tap the sides firmly to allow bubbles to rise up.



5. After the final pour, keep tapping on both sides until it starts to thicken. 


Happy casting!