What is Hand Casting?

Hand casting is a fun and simple process for preserving memories through creating sculptures that will last forever. Our process takes under and hour, and uses non-toxic and skin-safe materials. 

Hand casting is very special in our lives and the lives of our customers -- celebrating an engagement by taking that first plunge as a couple with an engagement ring, holding your mother's beautiful hand one last time before she's gone, preserving those tiny feet of your first child before they grow. Hand casting helps celebrate these special occasions so that you may treasure them and hold onto them for years to come.

Our home casting kits, tried and tested by thousands all over the world, include a 12-page, full-color instruction booklet with illustrations and photos. Our special casting recipe recreates every detail of your hands (and jewelry) cast in exquisite detail. It takes just three minutes to make a hand mold and just under an hour to create the finished cast, using our special recipe molding and stone powder. 

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