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Edinburgh Casting Studio

Premium Couple Kit & Refill Bundle: Make 2 Castings

Premium Couple Kit & Refill Bundle: Make 2 Castings

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"For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you."

This Bundle contains a Couples Casting Kit and enough materials to create a second casting.

Perfect for: Two adults; one adult and one child; two children (x2)
Quick: Takes 2 minutes to cast
Ease of use: Beginner


What You'll Receive

1. One Couples Hand Casting Kit

2. One set of refill materials

What's in the Refill

The Edinburgh Casting Studio's® own Molding Alginate
High Strength Stone Casting Powder

Compatible With

The Couples Hand Hold Casting Kit.

Refill contains casting materials only and does not come with instructions, bucket, or additional accessories. Your refill must be used with an original The Edinburgh Casting Studio® hand casting kit. It is not a suitable replacement for a kit.

Clean and Safe

Non-Toxic skin-safe molding materials designed for easy cleanup.

*Guidebook in the kit is in English. Electronic versions available in Spanish, French, Italian and German when you place your order.

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