About The Edinburgh Casting Studio

The Edinburgh Casting Studio’s home casting kits have a unique history, which we believe makes them the best available. 

The story began 15 years ago, when Doug Lowe, a British fine artist, discovered sculpting materials that could replicate every tiny detail of the skin, creating beautiful casts that preserved a moment in time forever.

A young creative couple in Edinburgh, Scotland, discovered Lowe’s products and realized their potential to create beautiful sculptures that would preserve life’s special memories. They started The Edinburgh Casting Studio, offering a life casting service by appointment. Witnessing the joy that casting brought to couples and families that visited their studio, they set about designing a range of casting kits for use at home. The kits included their "recipe like no other" casting materials and everything needed to make home casting fun and easy.

The Edinburgh Casting Studio’s home casting kits were a huge hit and people all over the world have fallen in love with home casting. Now owned by the world’s leading life casting specialist, Wrightson & Platt, The Edinburgh Casting Studio is bringing its DIY casting kits to the US.

Looking for engagement gift inspiration? Want a memorable and fun experience with Mom and Dad? Searching for a thoughtful idea for a wedding anniversary? The Edinburgh Casting Studio’s home casting kits are a wonderful way to hold onto special moments forever.


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