Customer Reviews & Results

 “I chose the kit for my parents to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. It was fun and exciting!  We now have a lasting memory of wonderful parents and grandparents, and their fantastic marriage.” - Abi  
“We are so happy we did this!” - Sonja



“Thank you so much for this. I got this for our first wedding anniversary. Such a great idea! We absolutely love it.” - Diane



“I just did a casting with my mum and son, we love it!” - Chloe




“If I was completely honest I did not have high hopes. But as we peeled away the rubber, exposing the stone cast I was in complete shock. It was absolutely AMAZING. The detail was unbelievable. Once we picked out all the rubber and smoothed out the very few air bubbles it was an absolute marvel! I had to eat my words… Thank you so much.” - Sean