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We got a casting kit as a first wedding anniversary gift and we've just done it and it looks fantastic!! We are so happy with it!
We are thrilled with the result – so straightforward to accomplish!
My five kids cast their hands to spell LOVED to create a special 40th anniversary gift for their grandparents.  They loved the whole process.  Grandma cried when she saw it and Grandad was speechless!
The pinky promise is very near and dear to our hearts and being able to preserve it in this way is amazing! We are so in love with the final product!
Me and the kids had great fun doing it and just love the outcome!
This is my hand with my 90 year old mother x We loved doing it and the result is fantastic! Everyone should do this – it’s priceless and will be handed down for generations to come.
This was a lovely 1st anniversary present.  We had loads of fun doing it.  Well done, guys, for an amazing unique gift which will last for years.
Great fun, easy to do and really pleased with the end resultThanks so much, it was an amazing experience – our first anniversary will be unforgettable.  You are wonderful!We chose to do sign language signs for “I Love You”.  We had fun making it and can’t wait to do another one!
I purchased for my nan to do her mother’s hand-cast on her 103rd birthday! She will now always have her mum with her.  I’m over the moon with it and love the results. Thank you so much as this means an awful lot to the whole family.
Our cast turned out great! The process was easier than we thought and we think this is a great memento and love the results. Thanks!
Perfect product and simple to use for a beautiful result.  Thanks!
Our casting kit was great and we were really happy with the results!  The kit picks up on even the intricate details from nails, rings and even the lines on your hands!  Easy to use and clear instructions.
We really enjoyed the whole process and love looking at it!  We bought 5 more kits for gifts last year and helped with the casting of them.  We just love them so much – what a memory and cherished sculpture. Thank you so much!
My husband and I wanted a cast of our hands as I have terminal cancer and wanted a reminder of our love. I tell all my family and friends about your fantastic quality product.  I only have a couple of months left but thank you for creating happy memories for my husband.
The most AMAZING! STRAIGHTFORWARD! EASY! and BEAUTIFUL gift I’ve ever received.  My two kids 6&7 managed with any trouble and the end results were incredible.  Couldn’t recommend highly enough!!!